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Dr. Astoria Brown, Msc.D
Multi Generational Psychics & Empaths in this family. My twin daughters RAVEN STAR & CHRISTINA MANNING aka AVALON are also here on Contact Psychics. Our gifts as a family have helped thousands worldwide providing Readings, Counseling & Teaching. Featured on radio and tv.

40+ Years Professional Experience I have my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science,Philosophy/Ancient Religions, Life Counseling, Reiki Master, Tarot, Radio Personality, Paranormal Researcher, Teacher of Metaphysical Sci, Personal Psychic/Mentor to numerous clients in Government and also the Entertainment/Movie Industry.
Assisting others in receiving clear and concise guidance is my passion, of which I take very seriously.
You will quickly be assisted concerning your options and receive wisdom necessary for you to take action that is in your best interests.