Featured Psychics

  1. Dr. Astoria Brown

    40+ Years Professional Experience I have my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science,Philosophy/Ancient Religions, Life Counseling, Reiki Master, Tarot, Radio Personality, Paranormal Researcher, Teacher of Metaphysical Sci, Personal Psychic/Mentor to numerous clients in Government and also the Entertainment/Movie Industry
  2. Milestone Advisor

    I have been giving advice for over ten years. I give a direct and honest approach to your most unanswered questions. I am here to bring forth non-judgment and truth to help guide you on your right path. Empatic and guided readings are my specialty, there isn't a question I cant help you with. Lets connect!
  3. Raven Star

    I am a 4th generation TWIN psychic to Christina Manning, and daughters to Dr. Astoria Brown here on Contact Psychics. Being psychic is in our DNA! I can tap into your energy and feel what is going on. I am very good at picking up on what he or she is thinking. I am very accurate with the timelines that are coming into your life.

  4. Christina Manning

    ​​​I come from a psychic family. Its in our DNA. I am a twin psychic who is compassionate and deilvers my messages with much detail. I an honest and open. I have been giving readings for over 12 years and am well-known in the area. I not only will give you accurate answers but guide you in the right direction.

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Psychic Spotlight

John Christopher

​​It is a pleasure to be helping so many people on such a large scale. I started my psychic practice over 20 years ago on a local level. I can give you a males perspective on many relationship topics. I do find that my ability to feel energy and sense it so deeply, has created my gift to be this helpful. Thank you for taking the time to trust my services and I look forward to speaking with you.
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